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The Truth Of How Elizabeth Holmes Scammed All Of Silicon Valley Is Baffling The World

With technology progressing so rapidly, it's not uncommon for new inventions to feel ripped from the pages of a sci-fi novel. However, as Silicon Valley companies make bigger promises with each passing year, most of us never ask too many questions about these newest developments. So everybody got on board when Elizabeth Holmes emerged on the scene claiming she’d developed a revolutionary technology. People soon called her a prodigy and predicted that she would become the next Steve Jobs. But as gossip swirled around in scientific communities and more inconsistencies popped up in her behavior, a few skeptics started asking questions: was she a game-changer or a con artist?

World changing promises

Though officials were stunned, Dookhan's story simply reminded them of another high-profile cases: Elizabeth Holmes. By 2015, she had already reached the top of the world, but she was determined to go higher. The billionaire entrepreneur promised her company would change the world — and it did...in a way.

Always wanted to do something great

Born in 1984, Elizabeth stood out as a gifted student from a young age. She seemed destined to achieve greatness, and at age 9, she wrote a letter to her father saying she wanted to do "something that mankind didn't know was possible."

Went to Stanford

After mastering Mandarin in her teens, Elizabeth enrolled at Stanford University to study chemical engineering. Even such a prestigious academic setting, however, couldn't quite keep up with Holmes' ambitions.

Dropped out to pursue her vision

So, after less than two years at Stanford, Elizabeth dropped out to found her own consumer healthcare company. Not long after, she unveiled a revolutionary idea that took the entire world by storm.